Find Immigration Pathways So Every Oregonian Thrives

With Equity Corps of Oregon, Organizations Can Steward Community, Expand Service & Unlock Resources

Equity Corps of Oregon

The Immigration System Blocks Human Potential

The everyday work of Oregon's Community-Based Organizations is already complicated and hard. Supporting clients who are battling the Immigration System makes it even harder. The Immigration System can be complex and dangerous.

Our community is scared of being deported. Our community is separated from their families. Simple things are harder because immigration rules keep people down.

Embedding Access to Justice in the Community

ECO supports Oregon's CBOs in solving the immigration problems people face everyday so that everyone can thrive and prosper. Through a universal, prioritized system that provides free access to legal services, access to funding for filings fees, technical & strategic support services, deportation defense, interpretation & translation services and more, ECO empowers CBOs to find successful interventions that solve immigration problems.

Together we can defeat exclusion and fear. Together we can create immigrant access to justice.

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