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SB 1543: Universal Navigation and Legal Representation for Oregon’s Immigrant Communities

Equity Corps of Oregon

Exclusion and Fear

Unjust and unfair practices have excluded and marginalized Oregon’s immigrant communities. Due process for immigrants has been under attack for decades.

Fear of deportation, family separation, and losing a job permeates immigrant communities--particularly communities of color. Families and communities are destabilized, Oregon’s business and economy are harmed, schools are hurt, and unfair and unjust deportations cost Oregon employers millions of dollars in lost productivity, lost investments, disruptions to training and microenterprises, and lost sales.

Embedding Access to Justice in the Community

A permanent statewide Universal Navigation & Representation program embeds access to justice in the community. Universal representation promotes immigrant inclusion, immigrant justice, and Oregon’s collective prosperity.

Together we can defeat exclusion and fear. Together we can create immigrant access to justice. Together we can advance our collective prosperity through a permanent statewide Universal Representation program.

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The Program’s Core Values

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Robust at Scale

Centering Lived Experiences of Community Members

Stand with Immigrants & Refugees. Support a Permanent Universal Representation program