Report recommends expanding Universal Representation and making it permanent

by Stephen Manning — Posted in Uncategorized on January 18, 2021

Equity Corps of Oregon (ECO) was created to empower immigrant Oregonians and improve fair case outcomes by providing free, quality legal defense to every income-eligible immigrant who is at risk of deportation. ECO’s Massive Collaborative Representation model ensures high-quality legal representation and uses innovative technology to scale its services. Ultimately, ECO is designed to create a counter-structure that supports positive rule of law norms for all Oregonians in immigration court proceedings.

Faced with escalating attacks against immigrants and their communities, Oregon has shown its continued determination to support and protect its immigrant residents. The ECO program is a key component of Oregon’s commitment to equity and inclusivity: by providing Oregonians with the legal support necessary to succeed in their immigration court proceedings, ECO prevents unjust deportations that tear apart families and communities.Now more than ever, continued community support is crucial to the future of ECO.By extending their commitment to ECO, state and local governments play a critical role in building the permanent pathways to immigrant inclusion that will ultimately ensure the collective prosperity of all Oregonians.

Read the report here.

Stand with Immigrants & Refugees. Support a Permanent Universal Representation program