DACAistas & Immigrant Oregonians: Universal Rep has got your back – services for pathways to citizenship under a Biden plan

by Stephen Manning — Posted in Uncategorized on January 20, 2021

Everyone Means Everyones welcomes the reimagining of America’s immigration laws and policies by the incoming Biden-Harris administration. While much will be in the hands of Congress to accomplish, this reasoned framework lays out the guideposts of  pathways to citizenship for Oregon DACA recipients and immigrant Oregonians seeking legalization.

Several key provisions of the proposed Biden legislation include changes to reunify families and provide a path to citizenship for undocumented people residing in the United States. Under the proposed Universal Representation program, lawyers will be embedded in the community to provide legalization services where the community lives. To all the Oregonians who raise families in communities without any protection from deportation and family separation, who are vulnerable to exploitation and abuse in the workplace, the Universal Representation program can be a real means to achieve equality and stability.

Through the innovations of:

  • a flexible client service fund, which provides ancillary financial support during an immigrant Oregonian’s pathway to citizenship,
  • lawyers located around the state working collaboratively with and for the community, and
  • a client choice option that gives the community choices for legal representation,

Oregon will be ready for legalization. With Universal Representation, everyone really means everyone. We work together to build our collective prosperity.


Stand with Immigrants & Refugees. Support a Permanent Universal Representation program