The proposed permanent Universal Navigation and Legal Representation project,

  • Seeks to amplify the successes of the U/Rep pilot and center the community in several ways.
  • Creates a governance structure composed of Community-Based Organizations that would oversee policy and fiscal decisions for immigrant legal services.
  • Emphasizes the role of CBOs through the governance structure, capacity grants, and coordination.
  • Creates a statewide community-based lawyering team by embedding lawyers, through fellowships, at CBOs throughout the state.
  • Creates a statewide call center which in addition to direct CBO contacts provides an additional clear option for any impacted individual to get help.

This is a statewide holistic program. Community-embedded navigators would guide Oregonians at risk of deportation into the program, supported by a statewide call center. Attorney fellows would be embedded at community-based organizations throughout the state, providing legal services to community members at culturally accessible locations including affirmative services such as DACA renewals, naturalization and legalization services. Legal services would be flexible and adaptable based on changes in the immigration system, with attorneys prepared to quickly respond to mass deportation efforts or legalization opportunities, depending on the needs. A client service fund would ensure that related costs, like filing fees and interpretation, would not be a barrier to accessing representation. Community members would be empowered to choose their legal representative- a choice often denied to those accessing free resources.

Stand with Immigrants & Refugees. Support a Permanent Universal Representation program